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Why JFinanceManager?

It supports all the features required for home or even small-business accounting needs:

  • Track Spending Habits

    See at a glance how much you spent in a certain month. Or find all your withdrawals and deposits. Generate a report in pie charts and other reporting views.

  • Do your financial math in multiple currencies

    Supports more than 150 different currencies.

  • Import from other file formats

    Import OFX and QIF files to populate JFinanceManager with accounts and transactions registered in your old finance application.

  • Alerts on deadlines

    JFinanceManager alerts and shows you when your payables should be paid.

  • Bank reconciliation

    Make the connection between the transactions registered in JFinanceManager and the bank statements you receive from your bank.

  • Well adapted to a great number of transactions

    Your data is encrypted and stored in a database.

  • Discover more and more features

    The JFinanceManager project is very active, researching new ways to advance the software to suit our customer's requirements.

    It is easy to upgrade the application without loss of the data registered within the previous version.

JFinanceManager is available in English , French and German.